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At about 1 in the morning, me and a bunch of friends cruised a couple bowls and made a stop at taco bell. When the taco bell guy opened the window to get our money, he immediately says "damn, you guys smoking the good shit" and my friend the in the back seat rolls down his window and passes him the piece. We smoked with the taco bell guy through the drive threw window. Greatest accomplishment of my life. That high.

that special bond you have with someone after you smoke together. that high

I finally told my dad I smoked, and an hour later he told me to call my friends he wanted to talk to us, he acted all serious then showed me his stash, and smoked us up and we all shared our best stoner stories. Dad says for all of you to puff this for him!(:

if you jack off while your stoned, is it called High Jacking

puff this if u have a group of best friends that u smoke with all the time

Teachers always say kids who go to class high or smoke pot at all et no where and have bad marks, well I'm high everyday all day and I'm on the honors roll. Fuck yeah for proving people wrong about pot heads! puff if you agree ;D - That High.

I've been smoking so long, my thumb is sore from the lighter. That high.

Smoking by yourself is like having a bonding experience with your soul. That high.

Often forget that it's actually illegal... That High

I got super stoned this weekend and watched Battle: LA..Literally cant remember anything. "puff" if this has ever happened to you

Puff if your that high person at the party watching the drunk people make fools of themselves. That High...always.

puff if you remember something that happened when you were high and burst out laughing.

I'm sick of all of these "pass"es because ik theres people on here who don't smoke, so if you don't smoke, pass this, if you do, puff it.

Puff if is one of oyur favorite things to do when you're that hiiiiigh.

I hate it when I really wanna watch TV but I can't because I wanna listen to music. That High.

I just killed a mosquito with a nerf gun, That High.

watched my ceiling fan spin for 15 minutes grasping my couch tightly in fear. i thought the fan was still, and the room was spinning around it. that high.

I was thinking, what if the sixth sense is the ability to detect danger, and weed enhances that sense. In old days, you'd be able to sense lions and shit, but because the police are never more than 5 minutes away in a car, our danger sense goes mad and we think it's paranoia... I'm that high.

ate an entire apple pie with a wrench. that high.

Spent 15 minutes trying to brush sunlight off my pants because I thought it was dirt. That High.

drove through McDonalds and ordered an iced mocha, but instead they handed me a mocha frappe at the window. I then proceeded to tell them they McFucked up. That high.

High. Chatting with a friend. I wanted to put a smiley, so i smiled, wondering why it didnt appear on the screen. That high

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