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Right now theres someone in the world drinking tea..theres someone reading a book...theres someone out there worrying about their sick grandfather. someone thats driving home from work and someone jerkin off..theres someone who just spilled their beer and someone who is doing homework. Everyone has thier own lives. But then theres someone thats that high. and that someones me. puff if you love being stoned

If drug dogs knew what they were helping cops to accomplish...I don't think they'd be down. TH

Just woke and was thinking about the dream I had last night. All us stoners were sitting by a campfire passin joints around. It was a beautiful dream. Then I realized this is the same thing that happened to MLK. I have been chosen to lead a land of tokers into a world where everyone can get that high! My identity will be revealed later n u wil prolly see me on the news in a few weeks. Puff this 2 join the revoluton!

THATS IT! I'm sick of the prohibition on pot, I just got arrested yesterday for having 1/10 of a gram of fucking pot! I spent all night in jail for flakes in the bottom of a bag. I'm done! I'm gonna tell the world about the REAL war on drugs and the sort of tyranny we all have to go through and I want all of you to tell the world with me, its about damn time that we stand up for ourselves come on whoes with me!

Puff for that one friend who never has enough money to blaze but you always spark him up cause he's too funny and it wouldn't be the same without him. ThatHigh

I love seeings a female smoker it's so sexy. I love it more when a girl can roll her own blunts. Puff for all the down ass girls.

Some of these stories I think is bullshit, puff if you tell stories when your actually stoned. That High

Realized that there's always that one hit that makes you sit back and say wow that just made me really high

Eating a brownie and being disappointed by the lack of effects until that one joke your friend says sends you laughing into another dimension

puff if you cant wait for your parents to go to sleep so you can get that high!

just realized that when you take a picture of someone and look at it, it's always them when they're younger... that high

What if high school was a school you went to get high at

Feel so accomplished when i'm high and catch the clock at 4:20

reading these, i can only think of how much i wanna be friends with all these people. that high

Donated blood today, as i watched my blood go through the little tube i imagined all the little THCs riding my blood cells like a water park...That High

Was high in the car with my mom when we rolled by some people routing a blunt. As I laughed my mom got pissed and took out something to write down the license plate with. Thinking of nothing else to do I pulled the emergency brake as hard as possible. Fuck that no stoner will get caught on my watch. That high

My dog knows nothing. He doesn't know what an airplane is. Or how to go bowling. She can't go to the mall. I feel bad for it. It just lays down all day. I got it high to make it's life better now it wont stop fucking barking. Fml. That High

a friend and i were super wacked one day and my parents were home so we decided to hide out in my room until we were less high. about 5 minutes pass and we get the munchies, so i take one for the team and go to the kitchen. after grabbing a hand full of cookies my mom says "that movie you like is on channel 51" i thought she was talking to the dog. so she decided to repeat it again, this time louder. i quickly respond "im going to eat these now..."

me and 3 of my friends walked into mcdonalds and ordered food. we went to sit down and and the cashier walks up to us and asks if we have any more weed. That high.

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