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i forgot a fork downstairs so i ate my ravioli with a tooth pick. that high

Imagine if Harry had sat with any other person on the Hogwarts Express, how different the story would've been. That high

Imagine how mind-fucked the guy who discovered pop corn must've been. That High

My boyfriendd thinks its funny that I rarely smoke weed with him but when he gives me a prescription bottle full of weed its gone in one day. He was confused so I told him I prefer smoking alone and being high all by myself (: puff if you are a true stoner that loves toking alone and not afraid to admit it. THAT HIGH.

Driving around feeling like your in a music video. That high.

I am officially more excited to see my post get a "puff" than to get a notification on facebook. That high.

i bet sushi chefs can roll some nice joints. THATHIGH.

Whenever I smoke, I try to adjust my eyelids so I don't look chink as shit but I don't wanna look like I'm bugging out either, but in the process I open my eyes really wide, then squint for like 5 minutes til I find a medium. By that time, everyone already knows that I'm that high.

Telling yourself you're not gonna smoke anymore, then forgetting because you're so high and taking a hit next time the bowl/joint comes back to you, that high.

Was reading the stickiest, where i saw everybody saying "hold shift and puff to see the screen change colors" and though it meant to hold shift when you literally puff a Fat i tried it...That High

I just realized how much I love lighting a bowl and watching the flame hug the weed and slowly spread itself in the form of an orange cherry and the little crackling noises. I bet all stoners do though lol, that high.

took someones weed virginity... puff this if you have ever been honored with getting someone that high!

I'm new to this site and didn't understand the whole shift + click puff thing.. I just knew it was supposed to change the color, and I didn't know what color. So I did it and I was like WTF it works. And then I was like "Ohhh, it turns black everytime you click puff" and later found out it was supposed to turn green. That High.

puff this if your ever had one of those times where you almost get caught by someone for smoking and you just barely got away and at the time you thought it was the worst experience of your life, and now its one of the best stories you have to tell. That High

HOW TO END TWILIGHT- Bella and Edward get together and get baked. Edward gets the munchies and no more Bella. THE END.THAT HIGH.

Realized that i'm a 17 year old girl who ends every relationship that im in because i cant find a guy who smokes nearly as much weed as i do. That High.

Was riding in my car the other day and thought I smelt something burning, so I turned down my radio so I could smell it better. That High.

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