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I have autism. When I get high, I wonder if it's different from your high.

i called my uncle "uncle grandma." he figured out i was that high

RIP: To all bongs, bowls and Pipes That Have Ever Broken, Been Stolen or Lost. We Miss You! TH

Right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again.

I told my friend.. "I'm giving you 2 minutes to convince me you're not high, go!" Towards the end of the two minutes he was talking about how we treat our rainforests. That High.

the idea that pot makes you lazy is a myth... you just realize that not many things are worth doing. that high

My car drove itself to Taco Bell and I hung on for dear life. That high.

click puff if you smoke weed

Just had an epiphany. I don't want to be a lawyer, go to law school, have a 401K and wear a 2,000 dollar suit and drive a nice luxurious sedan. I want to be a comedian and a writer. Puff if you support me following my dream. That High!

The drive thru guy at McDee's smiled at me and said "you're car smells nice."

I was smoking a bowl when driving, only to stop when traffic was around at a stoplight. I look over and see the guy driving the car next to me smoking a bowl too. He notices me and looks scared. I raise my piece, smile and we proceed to light at the same time. Only to top it off with an air high-five before moving again. I almost cried. That high.

Puff this if you agree that kid kudi is the best shit to listen to when your baaaked.

Watched the dvd menu for planet earth for 15mins before i realized it was a loop and not the actually show. that high.

I went through a bead curtain to get into my friends bathroom, then started crying because i thought the bead curtain was a wall and forgot how i got in and thought i was trapped. That high

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