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if you grab your arm, are you feeling your arm with your hand or feeling your hand with your arm

Puff if your tired of hiding the fact that you smoke weed..that high

Parents think that by taking my bowls and papers that i cant smoke, too bad they didn't also take the 4 water bottles, steak knife, roll of electrical tape, 3 pens, ping pong ball, and 10 gallon bucket i used to make a 4 chambered gravity bong. You can call me MacGyver, Angus MacGyver. That High.

Went to McDonalds with two of my friends and ordered three hot fudge sundaes. When we got to the first window to pay, we made the order six sundaes instead of three and we were laughing our asses off in front of the worker. My friend only ate one sundae so he gave it to me. I ate three Mcdonalds sundaes. That High.

took a shower immediatly after smoking. next thing i know, im a greek god bathing myself in the roman baths. that high.

my sister made fun of my last name. I'm still confused. That High.

Everyone needs to stop complaining about finding HOT stoner girls, stoners are supposed to love people for more than just their appearances. Getting high is what helps us see past all that shallow bullshit everyone values, we need peace and love. that high.

on my 80th b day im going to get extra extra baked cuz that will be the 4th time i would be turning 20 so it would be 420 fuck yea that high

I wish i had a boyfriend who was completely ok with me smoking weed, and for him to smoke with me :)

weed should totally be legal if alcohol is. you dont see a guy whos blazed go home and beat his wife he'd rather just sit and eat

Today I remembered how in Fairlyodd parents they said once Timmy got older he wouldn't remember that he had Fairies... Made me think if i had fairies but don't remember... That High

Rolled a joint in clear papers, Then I rolled it again 5 minutes later in normal papers thinking that I didnt roll it the first time. That high.

How much do firetrucks cost

Went to a party for the fourth of July after taking two gravity bong hits. I sat on a bench for 20 mins wondering whose fucking birthday it was or if someone got married. That High.

fixed my cat a plate of tiny tuna sandwiches. that high.

Ate a full block of extra sharp cheddar cheese like a candy bar- and loved every bite of it... That high.

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