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I was watching TV and had to pee, so I stood up. Right then I forgot why I stood up. But I decided it must have been to go smoke more, so I did. Didn't go pee for like another hour. That High

i traded my bong for a bubbler 6 months ago. i miss it dearly. puff for buying it back for $30 , pass for not buying it.

so i decided, im going to get TH, and go up to a person wearing camo. bump them, and say "sorry, didnt see you there". puff if you are high enough to understand this.

Classic stoner line, "What were we just talking about". That high

"Miley Cryus, you shouldn't be mad everyone saw you hit a bong, you should be mad everyone saw you not clear it..." Truest statement ever spoken

i just realized its impossible to look at a word and not read it in your head like why cant we just look at a word if we want and not read it..that high

Puff if you hate those people who always seem to be a buzzkill.

Why isn't 11 called onety-one

I deleted all of my comments on a facebook status to make my friend look like he was talking to himself. That High.

i was eating chicken nuggets and accidentally got ketchup all over my hands. i forgot to wash them and ten minutes later i saw my friend laying on the ground and my hands covered in blood. he was sleeping and i thought i killed him. that high

if you guys are real stoners, youll appreciate this and respect it. let it only have 420 puffs! let it stay there!

the only time your serious is when your taking a hit.that high.

We're all so high that we tried hitting shift and clicking puff to see it turn green only to realize that the person who wrote it just wanted all of us to click puff. That High.

if it ain't about elephants it's irrelephant! That High

i was having sex with my girlfriend i had her handcuffed to the bed heard something downstairs went to investigate took a crap and went and played Halo 3 with my brother for 2 hours........That High

I forgot i was getting a blowjob. and walked away. THAT HIGH.

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