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i always think the employees at chinese restauraunts are talking about me.

so heres the story... youre sitting here ripped, reading all these stories and you read one that is your exact current situation. what if the person who posted that is you in the future trying to fuck with your mind in the present.

Imagine that everytime you blink your mind takes a mental image, and when you die and see your life flash before your eyes it's all of the pictures that you took when you blinked. That fucking high.

My best friend, as well as best smoking buddy just told me she's moving in two weeks, two provinces away from me. I can't think of a better way to show her how much I love her than to get a That High post for her. Please, please guys, help me out here! This is for you Kayla. Toking homies for life! That High

puff if u like smoking more then drinking because the morning after drinking you sick but the morning after smoking you laugh about all the crazy ideas you had the night before

I just pretended I was Oprah giving out cars while I gave biscuits to my dogs. That High.

When you and your buddy go smoke in the bathroom, come out with eyes red as a mother fucker, sit on the couch and after about 2 minutes your friend looks at you and says "are you hungry"

Today, My friend Keith broke the first pipe he ever purchased. That pipes name was Bear. So many times, we smoked out of Bear, so many times, we passed him hand to hand with in our circle. So many times, Bear gave us the time of our lives. He will never be forgotten. Rest in Paradise Bear <3 You did well.

I think my drug dealer has a thing for me. I owe him 20 bucks and he hasn't mentioned it. Today, he smoked me out then just gave me a G. puff this is you love stoner chicks. that high

On the Herbal Essences commercials when the girl says, "Clearly, someone's been doing the herbal", you know what they're reefering to.

I'm a girl, and i get strange looks when i take the biggest bong hits or i'm the last one wanting to keep smoking. Guys, we love the green too. we're all humans so don't define me by my gender please. Lets all pack a bowl and forget genders even exist. that high

if anyone knows what is, you'll know that it is the best website to be on when you're high. that high.

just had a can of dr pepper and i could taste all the 23 flavors. That high.

Smoked 5 bowls, and I knew how it felt to be a squirrel for about 2 minutes.

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