How high are you?

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Was blazing with my boy and he got so baked he demanded everybody refer to him as "your highness"

was cruising/smoking with a buddy when a cop pulled up next to us, my buddy yelled "just going to the bank" to try to make the cop think we werent smokin, we proceeded and I asked why we didn't go to the bank. that high

My mom: Jesse, your high!! Me: Im not high im enlightened. that high.

she asked "what do you do for work" I replied "do you like grilled cheese" she said wow do you smoke much

'Dad, I think I've got a bit of a star wars thing going on here. Dad, I am your father.' That high.

was convinced that my underwear was damaging my spinal cord and took it off... that high

booze before pot, you fucked up alot. but pot before booze, you never lose....that high.

its always a good day wen you got your friends thatwill smoke you out on ur bday and that you dont gotta worry about a thing. puff on havin great stoner friends lol.that high

Imagine having a beard so long you could tuck it under your crotch, pull it up behind you as a thong, and then bring it back in front across the hips and tie it. It's like a beard thong. That high.

theres fog outside. wish it was all the smoke of weed.