How high are you?

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Is that an actual heaband around my head? #thathigh

My friend and I just spent the last half hour googling if there were religious ties to the play express. That High

I almost died. Not because of drugs. But I was eating macaroni. And I guess that was humorous. So I started laughing. Which made me choke on the macaroni. Which oddly enough was also humorous. So I started laughing and choking even more. That high.

Stopping mid-puff and asking "Do Penguins have knees?"
-That High

Taco taco burrito cheese #thathigh

My Aunty had 3 different type of cancer & survived all of them but pass away. So I smoked for her, Please pass 😇💙💜

Just asked for 'metchup' and 'kayo' with my cheesy chips #ThatHigh

Out of diversion classes after 6 weeks tomorrow at 2. Already copped a q and plan to smoke it all. #ThatHigh

federally, both the republicans and the democrats are anti-weed. vote libertarian! also I'm so high i just got mustard on my hand and before wiping it off i tried asking it nicely to leave. #ThatHigh

Walked straight into a deep dark tunnel not realizing I never turned on the lights to my bedroom so I stumbled on my way there through obliterated darkness #ThatHigh