How high are you?

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So my friends and I are skating outside the pizza place (high as balls) and I go inside and this lady hands me 10 bucks, no joke! So I said "thanks thats very nice" According to my friends I actually said "Thanks thats a dimebag!" that high...

pulled off my sweatshirt and realized it had a zipper. That high

Ever been in real dim light, its almost like an old movie. That High

Smoking a joint i lit on my Menorah. Have a happy Chanukah and enjoy the Latkes!

Was blazing with my boy and he got so baked he demanded everybody refer to him as "your highness"

Seriously, fuck homework.

You know your a stoner when you can't remember the last time you went to a movie sober.

was cruising/smoking with a buddy when a cop pulled up next to us, my buddy yelled "just going to the bank" to try to make the cop think we werent smokin, we proceeded and I asked why we didn't go to the bank. that high

my shoulder brushed a tree and I said sorry

Puff if handling weed has increased your math skills!