Being so high you dont talk for 10 minutes, then when you talk its like nothing happened

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I was walking home when I got to a crosswalk. I was waiting for the green signal for about 10 minutes. -Fuck- Nothing happens, nothing happens... Finally I realised that ther was no traffic ligt at all. That High

earlier tonight i was chilling with some friends right after we ripped 3 fat bowls. my stereo has been broken for a while, where no matter which way i turned the volume nob, it would always flicker staticly in the volume level. the display shows a number for the level of volume ranging from 0-40, then after 40 it says max. well we made a little game out of this.RULES: who ever could get the number highest without the stereo crashing and going below 5(which happens more times then none)would win their highest number in points. so say if you made it to 33 but it started going down and never again went that high without it reaching 4, then you win 33 points minus 10 making it 23 (will be explained in later rule).if you go past fourty and it says max then you earn the whole 50 pointsif you dont think it will go any higher and want to keep the points you have it is the next player's turn, then you could say done and nothing will be deducted, but if you go below 5 then 10 points are deducted from what you earned. (make it to 24, drop to 4, earn 14)this started to only get the volume back up, but we wound up hunched over my stereo and playing this shit for 30 minutes. there were a total of 24 rounds played. one friend got 467 points, other friend got 489, i came in first with 576 points. it was the happiest moment of my life, and i just realized that i was writing the score on my uncovered desk. ima keep it there

when you spend 10 minutes looking for your phone only to realize your currently talking on it. that high

Was sat outside smoking a joint when a fat ass spider starts walking towards me. It then disappears and I'm shining my light trying to find it. Suddenly it's like 5cm away from me so I run halfway up the garden. I then walk back to it and talk to it for about 10 minutes. That high.

was walking down the stairs with cereal in my hand and fell, i tumbled down about 5 steps then just got up and kept walking like nothing happened. i just realized this happened and uncontrolably laughed for 10 minutes. ThatHigh

did it ever happen to you when your trying to do something serious and its hard to do and your just like 'damn, i wish i could get un-high for like a minute then get back to it'

One day my friends and me were smoking in this park and it was bloody hot. So this friend of mine, who happens to have a darker complexion than me looked at me and went all "Dude,its so hot" and i was like "yeah, but at least you dont have my hair (which is long and curly and crazy) to make it even worse and sticker for you" and he went all "dude it doesnt matter i am black so i will absorb most of the heat".I laughed for the next 10 minutes continuously.That high.

when im that high i always have stages of "realization" in which i all of a sudden remember what im doing and everything...then 10 minutes later it happens again except it feels like 10 hours ago...puff if you know what i mean

Refreshed my Facebook homepage every 5 minutes for an hour wondering why nothing new was happening. Then i realized its 2 AM. That High.

Pondering for 10 minutes over why when you inhale a joint it gets smaller, whilst when you blow it doesnt get bigger... Then crying. That high.