What if youre retarded and dont realize it

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What if your mentally retarded, but you think your slow brain is normal, and your friends are just really nice to the "retarded kid

what if you are actually retarded but don't know it.. and your friends are too nice to say anything. that high...

what if retarded people arent retarted and we are the retards that high

what if retarded people arent retarted and we are the retards that high

i was high and thought what if the "retarded" people are actually normal and we are "retarded"

What if truly retarded people went to school and learned that there's chromosomal proof of mental retardation.

Puff if you know what its like to listen to someone tell a story for about ten minutes and dont realize you really have no idea what they are talking about until the last three words.Then you try your hardest to remember why they were talking...but you never do.That high.

I'm sorry but if you dont have a legitimate reason for not smoking and you dont get high, I dont know what your doing with your life, i really dont.

Got so stoned I started thinking what if I'm actually retarded and no ones told me. Then I started wondering if retarded people know they are retarded that high.

thats so not cool man...you should establish authority because your parents are generally right...you should not let your kids know that its ok to do those sorts of things with you...with there friends is one thing they gather they own experience but you should never condone any drug use no matter how wonderful. thats how kids come out fukin retarded these days...your probably some teen kid that aint grown up yet to know that YOUR PARENTS WERE FUKIN RIGHT AND YOUR GONNA SCREW YOUR LIFE UP IF YOU DONT START APPRECIATING THEM FOR KEEPIN YOUR DUMB ASS OUTTA TROUBLE