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So blazed I can't aim my eyedrops and now my face is covered with eyedrop liquid. That high.

I'm just looking for a guy who smokes as much weed as I do, but still has goals in life and treats me right. That high

My fantasy is a stoner family on christmas morning, and every present under the tree is weed related. A new bong, a fancy zippo lighter, a nice grinder, strains from around the world, baked goods....What could be better. TH

Smoking and driving is very dangerous. You WILL end up having to clean up taco bell wrappers from your car the next day. That high.

I think my dad smokes. I wanna ask him and know if he does, but I don't wanna be wrong and look stupid. Puff if you think I should ask him if he gets That High when i go home in two weeks.

Millions. Millions of us are doing the same thing right now, keeping the spirit of marijuana alive. We're all smoking together tonight. And I'd like to take this chance to say Legalize it, and good vibes to you all That High.

iTs so weird wHen you reAd a commenT and tHen you realize that there Is a messaGe Hidden inside. __________

my friends laughed for a fat minute when we smoked together. see, im asian, and he kept saying, "you're so lucky! you look the fuckin same!" white people -_-

Every time I buy some weed, before I smoke it, I just like to see it, arrange it, play with it... its just beatiful! :'D That High.

puff if you love accidentally running into other blazed people in public.

after watching captain planet for two hours i realized a bong uses all elements , earth, fire, wind, water, and HEART. That high

used kool aid for bong water. oooohhh yeeeaaa!!!

i came home high one day and mom started talking to me, so i thought if i talked louder it would hide the smell of the weed. thathigh:)

JUST found out that i'm related to my dealer after three years. That High.

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