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i laughed out loud in goverment class when an asian kid accused a black kid of having a little dick. i was the only one who got it. that high

Have you ever noticed that when when you're baked and going on a walk ... it suddenly becomes an adventure, not a simple walk ... - That high

last night i was lying on my bed when i heard a very odd noise comming from my living room. i was so paranoid from the noise it made..sounded like jigsaw riding on his tricycle...turned out to be my sisters hamster on its exercise wheel. Too high

i ate 1 bigmac, a 4 piece chicken nuggets and large fries because i was listening to a song, and the beat was so intense that i felt the rush to eat all my food before the song ended. which i did.... the song was 2:45sc long.puff for munchie-mode THAT HIGH

Do bees even know that they die when they sting someone

puff if your going to school high or just skipping alltogether on 4/20

I was jealous of the people in the car in front of me because they were experiencing everything I was but right before me, thus putting them in the future... that high

Weed makes me unproductive. Not because I get lazy but because there's too many awesome things to do and I can't commit to just one.

Got pulled over while I was toking and driving. Told the cop if he would not give me a ticket, I would smoke him out. He gave me a ticket. That High

from This Week top puffs "Fuck the people who brag about the weed lifestyle to get attention, puff for real stoners. That High"... anyone else catch the irony in that, that high

that'll do Donkey, that'll do.

Dear store robbers who drive a red dodge charger in my area,Please stop your shit or use a different getaway car because this is the 2nd goddamn time my cars been searched, forcing me to hide my weed and causing multiple heart attacks.sincerely,a lucky, but innocent stoner

Asked the kid in the wheelchair if his shoes were new (they looked brand new). He said no, they just don't get much use... shiittt.... that high

Was learning cursive really necessary

My life is being narrated by 2 British men. That High.

My boyfriend and I smoke on a daily basis yet we're both on the deans list at The University of Connecticut, puff if you're a smart stoner like me :)

I feel famous when i get like 13 puffs. That High

Completely forgetting that my parents were home , I walked in the front door carrying my bong, a bag of weed and over $10 worth of mcdonalds. My dad saw smiles and said oh your just at that age arient ya. And walked away, my dad gets that high

Got pulled over going 30 over the speed limit, rushing to a town like an hour away from mine to smizz with some friends. I had some of the dankest bud with me, so my whole car reeked. Cop asked if I had weed, so I handed him my little tin, and he responded "oh, I was afraid you were driving out there with a big block to sell" proceeded to hand back my weed and told me to have a great day. Puff for cops who've probably been that high

what if there were no clocks

Started crying because I realized dogs are always in push up position. That High

life's too short to trip about trivial shit. smoke, chill, carefree living all the way. puff if you agree.

me and my friend smoked eight bowls and then went and watched devil, halfway into the movie i realized that i had been licking a spoon. have no idea where i got a spoon. that high

I was thought i was driving too fast, so I turned down the radio. That High

in health class today, our noramal teacher (a insane drug-nazi guy) was sick and we had this sub-lady. she was supposed to teach us about the "harmful" effects of pot. she read thru the lesson plan and exclaimed, THIS IS BULLSHIT! and let us do whatever we wanted all class

Thought I had to exchange my stuff with my fridge to get food. I gave my phone,ipod, and speakers. That High.

After smoking a spliff in the woods behind our dorms my friends and I began to tell each other about our spirit animals. One of my friends says that when you see your spirit animals while high its mother nature communicating with you. Just then a deer comes out from behind some trees, stops, looks and me and then continues on. I whisper as tears fill my eyes, "my spirit animal is a deer." That High.

Couldn't remember if i had forgotten how to pee or just didn't have to go. That high.

I went into Denny's (where I was meeting a friend) and asked the waitstaff if a white man wearing a shirt had come in..That high.

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