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The feeling that you get when you have an insane case of the munchies and you look in your cabinet and have a full unopened pack of oreos and in the fridge there's a full carton of milk. That FUCKING HIGH!

puff if you think rolling a jay/blunt is an artform

Puff if you remember you first time smoking at home, mine is tonight. That High.

paul is a good name for a lizard. that high

Ever notice that when you walk into a room of jocks you feel awkward, but when you walk into a room of stoners you feel like you have known each other for years. thathigh

Its Funny how potheads are the smartest and the most realest people. The Herb Reveals yourself to yourself. It Clears your mind and sould. It is a GREAT way to let all of your inhibitions go and just chillll. Puff this if you understand!

I got birthday money, and now I got birthday ganjaaa. Puff if you use your bday money for bday weed!

I was in a rear-end accident yesterday and i've had some hardcore neck strain. But I can't feel a damn thing with this green! Puff if you think that marijuana should be legalized, if not at least as a painkiller.

Weed is like duct tape. It fixes EVERYTHING. That High.

I was texting my friend high and she sent me 'Vahahahaha' accidentally instead of Bahahaha, I was so confused I texted back 'Is your vagina laughing

A cop pulled me over after i just blazed a blunt. when he came up to my window he said "im getting the munchies just standing here". So i said " well your in luck cuz i got an unopened bag of cheetos"-That High

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