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Puff if this has ever happened to you...Whenever you are not high your parents or siblings think you are baked out of your mind, but whenever you are baked they have no idea...

we had no cheese so i threw Cheetos on my omelet. That High.

Weed opens up your mind in so many ways. Puff if you agree. That High

I told my 6-year-old sister a bedtime story. about Darth Vader and Captain Jack Sparrow going on a walk through the woods and stopping in for a bite to eat where they met a ketchup princess and rode with her to her ketchup palace on her motorcycle. Captain Jack and the princess fell madly in love and Darth got jealous, so he built the Death Star out of rage. She said it was the best story ever. I was that high.

dude this guy 'Anonymous' sure has alot of funny stories

i love puffin on peoples submissions. its nice to know that it probably makes them feel good inside.

My friends phone said "Please say a command" and i said "give me weed". That High

puff for the really short people who take the biggest rips out of everyone

Puff for that one moment when you realize you're -That High.

i tailgated the fuck out of the car in front of me just so i could watch spongebob on their tv in their car. that high.

how the fuck do mermen imprenate mermaids

Smoking solo, than laying in bed not doing anything but listening to music and enjoying how high you are. That High

dropped the soap in the shower and left it there because I though I'd get raped of I bet down to pick it up. that high

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