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I cannot wait to smoke some blunts with friends and ride around our town looking at Christmas lights. That High

If you are not afraid to get high alone, take a BIG PUFF! That High. history has been made. Me and a fellow thathigher found out we live within a couple hours of each other so we planned to meet up.. we smoked a fat bowl together in honor of 9/11, ate tons of ice cream, planted a few seeds in a special spot, and discovered a brand new species of mushroom. Thanks - you really create a true stoner family :)

I am officially more excited to see my post get a "puff" than to get a notification on facebook. That high.

I wish fanny packs were cool. . .

Any good person out there has smoked and has gotten really, really high at some point in their life. The rest of people are still waiting out there, living their lives as the same pretentious, arrogant, superficial piece of shit, day after day. Weed makes people GOOD PEOPLE. It's so simple and beautiful. Puff if you understand this. Pass if you aren't high enough. THAT HIGH.

Got caught by my parents then went to bed...then heard a voice from my closet.....I forgot I walked into the house with my friend and he got scared so he hid in the closet - ThatHigh

I anticipated the turn to my bathroom way too early and almost walked into the wall. That High.

And God talked to Moses through a burning bush...yeah, we know what kind of bush that was.

does anyone else ever just eat croutons sometimes

Knowing you have awesome stories, but not being able to remember because you were that high.

isnt it weird how you can remember yourself having a thought

Puff if u think ur voice Changes when ur That High

My parents need to go to bed so I can FUCKING BLAZE.

If cows laughed real hard would milk come out of their nose

whenever a song is 4 minutes 20 seconds long i always suspect that it is a hidden message and the band loves getting that high

"is that a trash can with a smaller trash can,or a person walking their dog

made some weed brownies. forgot they were weed brownies. ate them all. that high.

Started hittin' a J at a party with my mate, his girlfriend came over and told him to stop, so he broke up with her. That High.

Thought someone a few houses down was flashing a light trying to communicate. Responded by flashing my lighter multiple times. This went on for at least 10 min. It was a Christmas decoration with a blinking light. That high.

Watched half of Bride of Chuckie convinced it was a musical. Realised later that it was on mute and the radio was on. That High.

im definatly gonna be one of those dads who gets that high

Got a new bowl today. It's an elephant. I named it Babar. Win.

Told all my friends I was gunna carry a notebook around for the next year of my life and right down the funniest things we say when were high. Then make a sitcom with each episode based one of the quotes. Puff if you think I should do it

I love it when the straight edge kids like my stoned facebook statuses like "Kid Cudi and Chocolate frosting" hahaha little do you know bitches... That high

didnt have any bud left so i got drunk instead and its just not the same. puff if you think getting high is better than drinking. i wish i was that high.

I got birthday money, and now I got birthday ganjaaa. Puff if you use your bday money for bday weed!

the "end all" argument to whether or not you should smoke weed is: Morgan Freeman does it so you should too

if im outside at night sometimes i look at the stars and moon and freak out bc thats really space and we're really floating in this shit

Had an argument with my history teacher about how weed should be legal, and won. That High.

Went on that high because i was about to leave the sight because i have no bud:'( puff if you hate this feeling..

Puff If you love other stoners. That high.

just masturbated to 2 chicks fucking. im a girl...that high.

everyone passed out so i wrote on them and then wrote on myself so they wouldn't think it was me that high

I can feel every cell in my body. That High

at school one time, 4 people got detentions in the same class for laughing at how red my eyes were and how high i was. That High

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