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Puff if you become more observant when high... that high

stoner is like the n word. you cn only call other people that if ur in the group, but if someone else does, it pisses you off... that high

my friends mom always got a moon bounce for his birthday parties while we were younger. She thought it would be nice to bring the old memories back for his 18th b-day. little did she know we smoked weed now. we were on it all day. That High

Getting baked in your room... forgetting munchies then having to plan and execute a special ops mission JUST to sneak past parents, dogs, brothers, sisters just to get four oreos and some OJ - but you're just that high that it's the equivalent of discovering Atlantis :)

Spent 15 minutes looking for my cell phone in my car last night using my cell phone as a light. That high.

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