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we found dove in a soapless place.

I love that new above the influence commercial where the kids jumps down a building to get away from some kids smoking a joint and drinking a 40. Suicide, it's safer than weed apparently.

puff for reliable dealers!

I fell asleep while listening to pink floyd, and i dreamed about flying through space. it was rad. that high

My friend texted me in all caps, and I texted back "dude my mom is asleep in the next room you are gonna wake her up if you keep yelling" That High.

If camera lens are round why do pictures come out rectangles...that high

How polite I am to cops is directly influenced by how much I'm holding.

im black and i like to catch mice and eat cat food and drink milk. i was just writing this from my cats perspective who is named "Black" i bet a lot of you imagined a black person doing those things.

Went to McDonalds with two of my friends and ordered three hot fudge sundaes. When we got to the first window to pay, we made the order six sundaes instead of three and we were laughing our asses off in front of the worker. My friend only ate one sundae so he gave it to me. I ate three Mcdonalds sundaes. That High.

I got into my car and tried to buckle my seat belt into my ignition

Just made a tiny hat out of rolling paper, then put it on my cat. That high.

being high makes the boring things fun, and the fun things 420Xbetter

what if there are people across the lake smoking a bowl, thinking about if there are people across the lake smoking a bowl..... That High

You are now manually breathing.

walked into the mall to buy a new 360.. walked out with a giant ass hookah, that high

Watched inception high....what the fuck man

While eating my favourite cereal, Corn Pops, I realized if you reverse the first two letters of each word, it's Porn Cops. That high.

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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