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I need less blood in my THC system.

When I read a post about the guy who hasn't smoked since february, and said puff for a fallen stoner, damn man that made me wanna cry. I feeel his pain man, weeds like my best friendd yo, maryjane is always there for me, when no one else is.

my friend wrote me a letter about how disapointed she was that i was doing drugs. the only thing i've ever smoked is weed, and it makes me sad that she doesnt realize it's harmless. puff if you wish straight edge friends and fam realized that weed isnt going to harm or hurt, that it doesn't change who you are for the worse. i want my friend back. at least i always have mary j. thathigh

I only watch movies when I'm stoned. One of two things happen. Either, I trip out. Or I focus all my attention on the extra actors. They're sooo weird. That high.

The government and their "War Against Drugs" says that smoking weed makes you lose brain cells. That's bullshit. Hell, I light up errrryday and I've got a 4.2 GPA. Puff if you know there's no reason cannabis shouldn't be legal

I farted in class but nobody heard it cuz I had my head phones in. That high

Sitting high contemplating whether I should ask out the prettiest girl in school out to prom even though I'm only a sophomore (she has no prom date yet and prom is next week). Puff if I should, Pass if I...

What would happen if everyone that has ever visited this site met up to chill on 420

Puff for not giving a fuck. That High.

Gotta have my bowl. Gotta have cereal. Rebecca Black knows how to do a Friday. That high.

You feel really pimp when you get your first bong, feels good not using water bottles anymore, yeah

There's this dude named 'Anonymous' whos posted like half the posts on this website... i wanna smoke with that guy. that high.

Had a nice wake n bake session before school, and when I got to school everyone kept looking at me crazy so I'm thinkin damn everyone knows I'm high but how, I'm febreezed from head to toe and I had already used my visine, so I go up to my friend and ask him if he notices anything different about me and he says " you mean besides the fact that you've been walking through school with your shoes in your hand"

sims should have a "take a hit from bong" option that increases your mood. that high

Puff this if you just don't give a fuck bout shit right now and just wanna get. That. High.

I just walked out of a Wendy's super baked and a cop walks up to my and my friends and asks us if we've been doing any drugs. I told the officer "no sir", he then said " I can smell the weed on you" so I responded "no, thats just the deepfryer smell from wendy's. He didn't believe me, but was cool enough not to search me.

just shushed my microwave. that high

When my friend's mom asked me if I wanted something to eat I responded with, "I'm thank you, fine." Then corrected myself with "I'm thank you, fine." Third time's a charm.

some people say 8 bowls in a day is too many. i say, pass the doritos. that high

I've had my dog for 6 years now. I've seen him almost every single day of my life since then. Tonight it felt like I met him for the first time again. It was beautiful. That High

i wish all of us that post shit on this website could smoke together. we're like one big high happy family. that high

clicked puff twice and pass once - That High

When we were pulling into the driveway, I saw that my moms car wasn't there, I yelled 'fuck yea, moms not home.' She was driving me. That High

So high that after being pulled over and searched, I still asked for the weed back. That high

Was watching Men in Black and someone asked what we were watching. i said Black Men, dead serious. That High

walked to my dealers house to get some bud, got it then just left. halfway home i found a twenty in the street. got home put my sack away, pulled out the twenty, and thought i forgot to get my weed. so i went back and bought another sack.-That High

Walked to class late, sat down, and tried to put my seatbelt on. That High!

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