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That impossible point where you're equally hungry and equally lazy and you cant make a decision to get up or not. That high.

I just asked my mom to pack me a bowl of cereal. That High.

ever since i've started smoking weed I've became much more mature, the little things are not worth fighting about. life is way better chill

The only negative effect of marijuana is that it may cause a lack of marijuana.

Where the fuck do seagulls sleep

My mom just found my stash, she tried to tell me that weed was worse than cigs. Then i broke it down to her and all she could do was look at me then got up and put my stash back in its spot.

just broke my first glass bong. Puff in memory of Frodo...

I just ordered $45 of dominos. for myself. i got four drinks so they wouldn't think it was all for me.

bic, frabreeze, ziploc, vicsine, and frito-lays must be making so much money off of stoners... That High

Home, baked, watching comedy central, and eating cereal, puff for parents not knowing when you're that high

You know, ive read so many story's on this site about people talkin about how they got high and truely from the bottom of my stoner heart, i love all u pot heads out there. it doesnt matter if ur white, black, hipanic, asian, european, when it comes down to it, we all smoke good green shit that makes us all happy. im pretty high right now and i dont know if this sounds gay to some of you and honestly i dont care. Keep the green flowin, my next hit is to all you sons-a-bitches out there.

I had weed at school and smoked some of it...about 20 minutes later, the drug dog came in and freaking out, I telekinesis-ed to the dog saying that I would kill it's family if it said anything...the dog must have listened. That High

smoked a j on my back porch while my parents slept. puff if i should tell my dad to smoke pot for his lower back problems.

I was eating goldfish in my kitchen. My mom pulls in the drive way. I run to the couch thinking if i'm asleep she won't know i'm high. So i pretended to be asleep... but I was still eating my goldfish with my eyes closed. that high

can't hit the bong because i can't get my mouth over the bong mouth piece because i can't stop smiling. that high

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