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R.I.P to all the bic's that died while smoking weed! Puff if you've lost a bic!

When I catch my son smoking Im gonna be so chill about it. that high.

puff if you've named your bowl!

My only smoking buddy (and best friend) just died. I think this is the only thing that weed can't help me with. I'm lost. Puff for support. That high..

When lightning strikes the ocean why don't all the fish die

Keep extra weed and lighter in the couch in case I want to get stoned without getting up... That High

Whenever a really good song comes on to my ipod, I feel like the song is talking directly to my soul. It makes you want to cry.... but all you can do is make retarded whale noises of approval. THAT HIGH.

I was sick of this kid faking whenever he smoked with us. I rolled straight tobacco and told him it was a dank spliff, after 5 minutes of smoking hes running around pretending to have laughing fits and being dumb. My other friends and i are laughing cuz he's not That High

Call me a lesbian, but no man could ever come between me and Mary Jane. And I don't even mind sharing her with you guys :) That High.

Just realized I never "pass" anything while high, because everyone's story deserves to be told. Sober me is such a judgmental bitch! That High.

could you imagine wake and baking on christmas morning

bought a clownfish... now i have a clownfish. that high

A bug decided to land on my computer screen, i tried to scare it with the cursor. THAT HIGH.

awkward situation : having the "dont do drugs" conversation with your mother WHILE your high. That high.

we should vote on legalizing weed by voting puff for yes and pass for no. not that high but pretty damn burnt

rolled a J without realizing i rolled one earlier and it was hidden behind my ear. now i have two to smoke! That High.

I burped up a puff of smoke at Thanksgiving dinner. That High.

The person at McDonalds got my order wrong and I yelled "You McfuckedUp!".That High

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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