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that fuckin guy that says "present" during rollcall...fuck that guy

I'm at a party, but everyone is in their cliques... I'm sO stoned and am feleling so alone with these snobby bitches. Dear laid back stoners, puff to us all having a sesh one day

It's sad that my mom thinks it's okay to let me drink anything but smoking marijuana is like being friends with the devil....So upsidedown

I'm sober right now and it sucks, but I don't feel jealous that everyone on here is stoned,I'm actually really happy that you're thathigh :) puff for stoners that get happy for other stoners even when they're not thathigh.

Weed makes me do dangerous things like eat a ding dong in bed or leave the remote for the t.v. in the refrigerator. Puff if you know all that anti marijuana bullshit is bullshit. that high

The guy who said "if you triple click the puff button a "learn more" option comes up" was not shiting us, I tried..and I usually never try. That high.

i wish i were a crab so i could hold roaches longer with my bitchin claws...

to my alcoholic friend who thinks getting shitfaced isn't nearly as bad as getting high: i was the one who didn't get crabs last night

Weed is a natural remedy when feeling sick. It increases your appetite, suppresses your nausea, relaxes your muscles, makes you feel warmer, stops your chills, gets rid of your headaches, & makes ya happy. Puff if you agree that weed is the best medicine. That High

The names bong...james bong-that high

When you'ere such an experienced pot smoker you can tell which posts are fake because you know how a high person acts. Been That High.

whenever i get really fucked up, i always wonder if everyone i smoked with is as high as i am. puff if you think about this too

I have had bad experiences with beer, tobacco, and that K2 shit but I have never woken up and been like man I shouldn't have smoked that weed last night, puff this if you think weed is the best drug ever

Smoked with a school faculty member. Puff for that shit

I thought my nightstand was a black guy trying to steal my TV. That High

I wish my grades smoked weed so they would be higher

Went to Subway and began ordering. The guy behind the counter looked at me and laughed, then packed my sandwich with tons of extra stuff. When I went to pay he charged me $4.20 and gave me a smile. Best sandwich ever. That High

'Puff' this if you wish you were high.

my friends and i hotboxed the bathroom and then spent 30 minutes trying to remember what the piglet from winnie the pooh's name was. we spent another 30 minutes cracking up when we remembered that it's name was Piglet.. that high

realized I'd rather be a stoner than a drinker for the rest of my life.

Smoked a couple blunts between 3 people. We were sitting in lawnchairs conversing about why the moon was so bright tonight, it was noon.

Convinced my friend that I was from the future by predicting stuff I was gonna do in the next 5 minutes. It all worked until I forgot that I was tricking her, and thought that I was actually from the future. That High

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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