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I was blowing smoke at a spider on my porch because I wanted it to web something awesome.

When doing the speed limit feels like WAY too fast to be driving... THAT HIGH

So I was reading through some posts, laughing my ass off as usual when I come along one that I can really relate to. After I puffed it I realized that it was my post. That high

if ryan dunn had been high he wouldnt have crashed... fuck you liqour!!!!! RIP. that high

when you're high you see people for what they really are

how awkward would it have been to have been in that bus with Rosa Parks. That High

"No mom, Just because I'm eating everything doesn't mean I'm stoned. It just means I have the munchies, which means I'm stoned." That High

My mom closes her eyes and says "My head is going zzzzzzz," so we both started laughing hysterically for 5 minutes. She then says, "Jesus, I should be shot for smoking pot with my kid." That high.

My life sucked. So i smoked a bowl. Now It's not so bad.

Last night i was watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory when Veruca Salt falls down the garbage shute, and Wonka says "Must of been a bad egg". That got me thinking 'Why do we call people eggs'. So i googled 'bad egg' and it came up with all these ways of testing your eggs to see if they've gone rotten. Extremely intrigued, i go to the kitchen and get out a dozen eggs. The way to tell if an egg is bad is to see if it floats. For some reason i put each egg in its own bowl of water, and saw if they floated. Eventually i got bored and moved on. I got up this morning and my brother had already left for work. I go to the kitchen to find 12 egg floating in bemusing places around the kitchen, accompanied by a piece of paper with a large question mark on it my brother had left me. That High.

called up parents telling them i'm gay, am not gay, told them i was joking the next day, mum refuses to believe me, says i'm in denial, won't let me into her house until i admit i'm gay honestly not gay.

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