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Told my dog that I know that she can talk..... That High! haha

So blazed I can't aim my eyedrops and now my face is covered with eyedrop liquid. That high.

smoked a bowl NAKED, in my yard at 2 am. livinn life homies

I'm not addicted to pot, I'm just committed to being awesome. That High.

is it just me or does everyone seem to ironically look at the clock when it is 4:20

Puff if you cant wait to just chill outside smoking a fat blunt on a warm summer night wit your crew

my high theories are way too complicated to vocalize. only i can understand their complexity. puff is this happens to you when you are ...that high

The cold is pointless without snow, it's like a refrigerator without food in it. That high.

i was at a campfire, baked,i was rolling another j when i went to throw another log to the fire, i accidentally threw the bag i had all the weed in, took me like 1 min to notice, pulled it out, none of it burned. miracles that high.

I forgot wat sober feels like.. That high

I was just thinking. If weed was a person, she would be the chillest person ever. She would be great in bed, laugh at all our stupid stories and find everything exiting and love everyone. If alkohol was a person, he would be a drunk horny old man. That High

New Years resolution - Give up weed... HAHAHAHAHA yea fuckin right.

puff if you've ever held in a hit so long, no smoke comes out when you exhale.

puff if your a girl stoner and you love to get That High.

my ice cream was too cold so i blew on it.

I realized everyone sees color differently. Like my "red" is your "green", but noone knows because u no my "green" as "red". For example you look at a tree and say its "green", but if i were looking through your eyes i would say its "red" but since you see my "green as "red" you just call it "green" because thats what you were taught. Puff this if you know what im saying. That High

Technically, if you press shift and puff at the same time it DOES change to a different color. Black. is perfect when im that bored and dont have weed.

I ran a red light and it took a picture of me, you can't imagine how pissed my parent's were when they saw I had a gas mask bong strapped to my face. that high

anything that is unrelated to elephants, is irrelephant.

I got 99 donuts cause a bitch ate 1

After droppin my friend off at home I couldn't remember if he had rolled his window up or not and I felt I was too far to reach toward the window to check so I threw the first thing I could find at it. Not only did I break my phone but the guy stopped next to me at the redlight wasnt too happy either. That High.

spent my first date with my new boyfriend in a tree fort listening to gorillaz stoned. Puff if that's not the best first date ever, That high.

What would happen if I hired 2 private investigators to follow each other

At 16 when I just got my license, 3 of my buddies and I were baked going 50 in a 25.. we got pulled over. The cop was the same that works at our High School. We admitted we were high and he proceeded to tell us to light up.... when it became his turn he took the biggest hit I've ever seen, passed it back and told us to move along and be safe.....No ticket, no arrest, nothing... The police officer was That High

i smoked a 3 pape and went to class late, my teacher knew i was high and didnt say anything about it. instead he called my name every 10 mins saying "did you know smoking weed causes people to forget things" finially i asked why he kept saying it and he said he only said it once, i tripped out .

I feel like everyone who post's these stories and reads them are all like my friends, I think it's hilarious :) I always Puff everyones post so no ones feelings get hurt, hahahahahah That High.

Thought I worked at Old Navy, and proceeded to fold clothes for 20 minutes. Nobody said a word. That High.

made a peanut butter sandwich for a raccoon digging through garbage. that high.

one night on my way home. Wheni came to a stop light i put my car in park and turned it off. When the green light went and i couldn't move forward i decided to call a tow truck, for them to tell me my car wasn't on. THAT HIGH

Stared at a Stop sign off in the distance and stopped one street too early. That high.

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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