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"Puff for being a girl stoner, girl stoner pride, blah blah blah." Please shut up, you're just trying to get attention. Smoking weed isn't about differences, its about togetherness.

You know how some people look at looney toons and are like "those cartoons used to be violent"...well look at spongebob. Patrick literally has down syndrome and we just laugh at him. 20 years from now we'll be like.."cartoons back then used to make fun of retards".

Being proud of yourself when you remember to grab the remote before you sit down. That high.

i told my dad that today i learned in school that caffeine is worse on your brain then weed. he asked me if my dealer had told me that. i thought for a moment and then realized that my dealer was the one who had told me that.. that high

Drunk people run stop signs, Stoners wait for them to turn green. That high.

Today I realized that each and every moment I am alive for, I am the oldest that I have ever been in my life, and the youngest that I will ever be again. Mind. Blown. That high

Just overheard my two neighbors from my bedroom window while i was lightin up talking about some NAKED pictures they had of some girl and they were REALLY worried that she knew they had them. PUFF THIS if I should leave a note on their door saying. "I know you have my pictures". thIShigh

does anyone else think ferrets look like angry tubesocks

weed makes me glad to be a human and not like, an ant or something

Have u ever noticed at the movies that Cinema kinda reminds you of cinnamon so i thought it would be the shit to open up a movie theater, call it Cinema-rolls,and instead of serving popcorn i would serve cinnamon rolls!

I will be the first to make a yoyo grinder (i hope!) i have so many plans in my head.. need to bloody make it now! puff if you think i should!! that high

Last night on new years my mother called me to say happy new years, i started to reply with 'hi' but then thought that'd i'd be giving myself away. I replied with howdy. That high.

Dear Scooby and Shaggy,Please admit you are stoned all the time. No one is that hungry, paranoid and hippy for no reason. That High.

Whenever I see a post with over 420 puffs I wonder if the 421st person to puff it went through any moral-stoner-dilemma before puffing.. that high.

what would happen if you hired two private investigators to follow each other

puff this if u ever used a popcan pipe before ahh the good old too young to buy a pipe days -That High

So I'm about to move and I can't decide between Colorado or North Carolina. Puff for CO and pass for NC. Thanks :)

Roll, roll roll a joint, gently down the line, take a tote inhale dat smoke and blow ur fuckin mind. that fucking high.

Weed is the true communism. Think about it. We all work to achieve the communal high, sharing the weed, and lighting for each other, smoking each other out and so on. And then, we all chip in to buy like 5 orders of fries and a shake to solve the communal munchies. That High

While I was pulling into my driveway, I noticed that my car wasn't there and thought that it had been stolen. I was driving it. That High.

Spent 15 minutes looking for my cell phone in my car last night using my cell phone as a light. That high.

tried to pee in a park. accidentaly pooped my pants. that high.

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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