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Fuck budweiser, bud's wiser....that high.

I just had a bet with my friend...For EVERY puff this post gets, he has to take a bong hit. I bet him he would pass out. Lets find out. That High.

I forgot what i was going to say.

All those fancy high tech camera phones in Japan and not one good video of Godzilla

took a test in careers today for knowing who you are, the questions were " do you like to get in moods that make you want to try unusual things" or "do you like being creative with ideas" or "do you have periods in the day where you eat lots of food" i was doing it high and began to laugh really loud, everybody knew why. i was that high answering questions that were explaining a high kid, like myself

That akward moment when you wait for everyone to stand up once you decide to go somewhere. that high.

I go to an awful school where everybody picks on me because I am short for a high schooler. I smoke almost every day and then go to school, because it makes me feel a lot better. I have great friends, but they all go to other schools, and we don't get to see each other often. Yesterday, the dean noticed my red eyes. He then searched me with my P.E. teacher/basket ball coach. They found 5 grams, and a pipe, and threw it all away. Smoke a bowl for me, because I am in deep, DEEP shit. I really wish I could get That High.

added pillsbury doughboy on facebook so i could poke him. TH

Reading this site while my boyfriend plays call of duty. I thought the voice said we've lost the weed instead of we've lost the lead. My heart stopped for a second. That high.

puff if you think we should all get together and hotbox some sort of museum.

just got home from smoking some weed laced with shrooms and thought my cat was a panther and yelled at 2 in the morning "thats a black ass pussy" and my mom yelled "damn right"

walked out of McDonald's still carrying my tray with all my trash on it. That High.

stared at my cat because i thought he was telepathically communicating with me. that high.

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