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Puff if it feels like you were baked the entire fucking year of 2011

smoking weed doesn't make you paranoid. weed being illegal makes you paranoid

There is no way in hell that we are the only living beings in the Universe. That High

What if stoners are reborn as weed plants when they die. And their memories and realizations they had when they smoked are passed on to the people who smoke them. Yeah, I'm that high.

"Hey let me call you back I can't find my phone." That high.

An empty bowl needs to be filled, a full bowl needs to be emptied.

What if we're just the dreams of someone in another universe, and when we sleep they wake up and we dream about what's going on in their world, and then they dream our lives for us. That high.

Sitting in front of a grocery store watching the door open and close. What a polite fucking door. I'd date that door. That High.

Last Friday I was with 3 of my best friends, and we made the fatal mistake of smoking in a park..where my mom walks our dog. After she looked for us for over an hour she called my dad who immediately came home from work to continue the search. As we left the park my dad pulled in and count us completely blazed. My friends then proceeded to cry, and I laughed my ass off saying "oh god, this es no bueno." After listening to my mom cry for 2 hours at home while eating a costco bag of Doritos, I then played Halo Reach till 4am in the morning. My life has been turned upside down since my parents found out, I'm a great athlete and in honor society at school..If I get a good amount of puffs, I'll confront my parents high and tell them its ok to smoke weed. Lets show these non stoners whose boss. puff if i should get THAT HIGH this weekend

someone should make a website like omegle or chatroullette and hav it just for weed smokers and call it something like or something like that idk. puff if u think thats a good idea, maybe comment ur ideas too.

Imagine a slinky going down an escalator. That high

Listening to The Lion King soundtrack and watching my iTunes visualizer under my comforter. I swear I'm in the 12th dimension of Africa right now. That High.

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