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When in times wher thou shan't toke. Grind thee down and eat thy smoke. No need to wonder why or how. Nor question if I'm high right now. My legs feel cool, my speech is slow. My brain is blazed, my eyes are low. Put it in a cookie, put it in a cake. Put ur weed in a brownie and less all get baked. :-)

Friend asked what time it was I looked at my wrist and zoned out for like ten seconds then I remembered what I was doing and I realized I wasn't wearing a watch

I knew the lyrics to a song I've never heard before. That High.

Have you ever felt like youre driving really fast when youre stoned, then you look at the speedometer and realize youre going 10 miles below the speed limit.

When you can't tell if you've been sitting there for 3 min or 3 hours. That High.

NEW EXPERIMENT.. Let this post get to 100 puffs. THEN STOP!.. PLEASE no one give it the 101st puff.. Let us show that we can resist temptation, even when we are THAT HIGH.. This High.

puff if you have had a session with your friends parents.

Realized that I only read the one-liners on this site, because everything else is too much reading. I'm a 30 year old teacher. That high.

Saw inception. Fell asleep in the middle. Still don't know if I'm dreaming or not. That high.

Today, I noticed the abbreviation for ThatHigh.Com would be THC...that high.

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