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I cant wait to catch my future kids smoking weed....

dimmer buttons: every room should have one. cuz im sick of walking in to the bathroom in the morning and feeling like its the second coming of jesus. that high.

So casey anthony can get away with murder but we cant smoke a bowl in our backyards

Has anyone else ever tryed to close the refrigerator door really slow to see when the light goes off.

My dog knows I'm high.

My mom told me I need to get involved in a sport. I replied "But mom, I bowl like everyday.." That high.

Boob is the perfect word. the B looks like an aerial view of them, the 2 o's look like the front view, and the b looks like a side view. That High

I drove for the first time high and thought I was playing Mario kart the entire time. That High

Puff this if you count weed as one of your best friends. That high

that moment when you look in the mirror and you think "well i am high as shit". that high.

I was outside smoking a bowl, when my neighbor walks out and starts to yell at me. I think nothing of it and finish up and go inside. I put my weed in the bottom of a bag of dog biscuits (to hide from my dad). When I hear a knock at my door. It is the cops. They want to search my house. I let them. The dog they have goes in and starts to bark at my drawer. The cops ask what that is. I pull out the dog biscuits, with my weed in the bottom. I say these are treats for my dogs, I think he wants some. I start to give the dog my treats. The cops find nothing, they leave. I get nothing done to me. No charges. That High. :D

Call me a lesbian, but no man could ever come between me and Mary Jane. And I don't even mind sharing her with you guys :) That High.

My best friend Alex ward just died today. he introduced me to smoking so i thought id smoke in honor, puff in honor of him please

Me and my friends wanted to smoke my new bong, my parents are out so we decide to do it in the living room. after we smoke we sprayed axe, opened the windows, lit candles, and turned fans on to get any smell out of the room. my parents get home and they got mad at me for smoking. We forgot to move the bong from the middle of the room. that high

Adventure time I love you!... But I miss the show catdog puff if you do to

i did a wake and bake with some friends and did absolutely nothing crazy. we just sat around and listened to some bob marley and ate some waffles. that perfect high.

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