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I was in an elevator with a doctor the other day at work and was afraid he could tell I was high just because he was a doctor. That high.

Puff if you think its hot when a girl knows how to roll a blunt(;

Puff if you have friends who don't smoke but don't care if you do

Lets try to get the at 420 puffs but when it reaches 420 just stop.

I'm a stoner girl and Its like were a rare breed.If i was a Guy, Stoner chicks would be the only ones i'd date.

Realized that if all Stoners in the world united and shared their knowledge while stoned and wrote it all down, we would be the smartest group of people in the whole world. That High.

My dad told me to smoke cigarettes instead of weed...... Fuck that shit. ThatHigh.

I smoked with my chill ass black friend today and he was setting up the hooka while I was taking hits from my bong. When I was baked as hell, I looked over at my black friend and thought of him as my slave setting up the hooka while I was having all the fun. I cried and gave my friend the "I have a dream..." speech. That high.

Puff if the wind is your worst enemy also! That High.

Scooby dooby doo where the fuck are you

I wonder how much business fast food places get on 4/20..THAT HIGH

Was chilling with a different crowd one night, these people are by NO means stoners at all. One dude brought a hookah, and after the hookah sesh, they were doing crazy shit and giggling about how they were 'so high'. The looks on their faces was priceless when i pointed out that they had done shisha, with not even a trace of pot in it.. Ill just stick to my stoner friends.

Puff if you ever go look at yourself in the mirror after smoking a lot and you have a huge smile on your face and you just say to yourself I'm so high and your excited about it

Smoking with two guys and my best girl friend in the local grocery stores employee parking lot, a popular smoking spot in our tiny town. After smoking three bongs, I hear the driver go "What the fuck!" and start reversing. I look to my right and there was a naked old man running towards our car! Puff if the weirdest shit happens when you're high! That fucking high

It's impossible to be bored when your that high.

if an elephant had to hit a pipe, would it use its mouth or trunk

Fuck pills. Fuck cigarettes. Fuck alcohol. Smoke weed. That high.=)

smoked 3 joints with my mom, watched christmas movies all day, ate, went on this site and im on my 3rd bowl just since i started reading the entries i wish i could be friends w/ every single one of u guys puff if u think weed brings people together like no other

Bic hands down makes the best lighters. puff if you agree. that high

ive invented a game call bp. BUD PONG. same concept and setup as beer pong. except in the cups, instead of beer, its a beverage of your choice. same rules as beerpong, except when someone makes the shot, you take a rip, or clear a bowl. and thats where the drink of choice comes in. a delicious and satisfying cottonmouth defender. thathigh

They say marijuana is a gateway drug. fuck that. the only pot does is lead me to my refrigerator. that high

What would happen if you pushed a slinky down an escalator

Puff if every time your high you want it to be like That 70s Show :) That High.

I Love that I'm born on 4/20. :)

was having sex with my girlfriend then halfway through i stopped and said "no! i can't do this, i have a girlfriend". That high

Convincing a stranger on facebook that she is my mom. That high

I smoked a bowl then was driving home, an hour away. I developed an intimate bond with the truck in front of me. I felt like it was my mama elephant and I was its baby holding onto its tail. I almost cried when it changed lanes. That high.

Decided to have a shower, turned on the shower, got undressed, thought I'd briefly check my myspace, sat naked surfing the internet for about an hour before I remembered that I was gonna have a shower. That High.

It took me twenty minutes to set an alarm that would wake me up in twenty minutes. That high.

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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