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what if your pillow could collect your dreams and when you wake up you could plug it into your computer and watch them over again. that high.

I've realized that this site is the only one that I frequently visit that isn't full of haters. Puff for Love. That High.

puff if you're to lazy to make an account. That high.

do you think mermaids ever get thirsty for air

The only negative effect of marijuana is that it may cause a lack of marijuana.

This year on 4/20 everyone ahould go get a green balloon and blow it up with a hit then you release it in the air. That way if you see another green balloon you will know someone is blazing nearby and they use


There is no way to pour cereal quietly in the middle of the night "that high"

that moment when you think.. "wow, i am fucking baked" That high

I woke up to my girlfriend blowing her bong rip straight into my mouth, I immediately inhaled and held that bitch. Quickest wake and bake of my life. That High

who all thinks christmas trees look like bud

puff for girl stoners/ stoner gfs

Puff if you think needs more items in their "store" section. Like Booty shorts for us stoner chicks with maybe "that high" on the butt. tank top's, tee's, hoodie's sweats, maybe pipe cases with their logo etc.

puff if you ever open the fridge and theres nothing to eat so u either stand there and stare at it for five minutes hoping something will appear or come back every 10 minutes and look in it again... i get that high.

Our hamster is over weight because every time we get high we feed it. That high.

Just walked over all the furniture in my living room because my dog convinced me the floor was lava.

moisturized my dogs dry elbows. that high

We decided not to eat at T.G.I. Fridays because the music there was too scary. That high.

Couldn't feel my legs then got confused on how corners worked...That high.

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