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Heard the captain on tv say "arrr you ready kids" and replied "fuck, Hold on just a second!!" TH

There were literally no black people in the movie Titanic.

I can't wait to be able to have my own place away from my parents so I can have the freedom to smoke weed as I please. Puff for the stoners under 18

That moment when you say to yourself "ohhhh shitttt" as you go from sober to ripped in a span of three seconds.

How the hell does my dog reason what to do next

got so blazed and decided to take a trip to the new playground with my stoner buddies. being the only one with gas in their car, I offered to drive. About 5 minutes into the drive (or so I thought), I glanced over at my buds and asked how my driving was. With the most serious face, one of them looked at me and said "we are still in your driveway." I glanced around said "Oh shit" and we burst out laughing. THATHIGH

I was at the park blazing with my friend when a cop came by, we ditched the weed, the cop walked over picked it up, said "damn liter bugs always leaving their aregino everywhere"Then he walked over, placed $10 next to us and left.I think I just dealt to a cop......that high.

how fucking insane is google

Just smacked a friend with some ham That High

Depending who you live with smoking in your room is either the sketchiest thing or the safest thing to do. That High

A girl smoking is the hottest thing ever for two reasons. One, a chick taking a toke is like, THE sexiest thing ever, and two whenever I'm stoned I'm horny as fuck, so I fucking love you stoner chicks! That High.

My girl and I decided to set the mood a little...she heads to the bathroom to put on "somethin comfortable" I turn down the lights and put flame to the candles... She walks back into the bedroom and scares the living shit out of me...Forgot she was over...That High

A lazy person is going to be lazy in life regardless of marijuana use. Anyone wanting to do well will mostly likely do well regardless of marijuana use. Marijuana just makes life better regardless of intelligence level.

Just rocked...the FUCK... out... on my drums... Forgot it was 1:30 am...and I live in a basement suite.My bad.

Smoked while I was in the shower, got out and spent half an hour putting on lotion. That high. I'm so soft.

puff if you think i should keep smoking with my exs lil bro

So, I just got some lemonade. I went to my room, opened my window, sat down and took a sip out of my cup thinking it was water. Best surprise ever. That High.

on the way back from getting a dub. i see a cop car pulled over and 5 teens on the side of the road and a bong on the hood of the car, puff for these teens

I ate more weed brownies cause I had munchies. That High.

mid-toke, i almost choked on my own spit in glee when i realized i had an entire pepperoni pizza that i had forgotten about sitting on my bed right next to me. that high.

haven't smoked in 2 months, but still find myself reading this site for hours because I wanna be... that high

wondered for 15 min whether everyone else was a figment of my imagination, then got scared that i might be a figment of everyone elses imagination. That High

Thought that i had to take my pants off to change my socks. Then proceeded to pull them up slowly and pretend like none of the 10 people around me saw a thing. That high.

I started my morning off with two bowls. One of cereal, and one I don't recommend pouring milk over.

My dog and I just had a full on conversation, he's high too.

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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