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A smart stoner always gets the important shit done first before smoking. Always TH.

I am a lot higher than i planned to be for this family get together. I miscalculated how high I would get based on the amount of weed I used. Failed weed-high ratio. th

So I'm That High downstairs making sandwiches to bring up to my room to eat (like 4 or 5). I turn around and my mom is standing on the stairs and asks what I'm doing. I froze with fear and said, "Mom, you're truly frightening me." She stared. As I stood there, carrying about 5 sandwiches of different variety in my hands (fuck plates), I realized that this was the moment I had been training for my entire stoner life.

wind: a stoners natural enemy

Started out as just a stoner, then dated this guy. Then coke, ecstacy, and bars took place of the weed. Then i lost my best friends, and my boyfriend, & my mind. Weed is so much better. Let's not make things complicated. T.H

My mom told me that I should stop smoking weed. I replied "you didn't raise no quitter"... That High

Gimme a puff if you HATE those kids who talk about weed nonstop trying to sound badass and impress you will all their "crazy stories". And they've never even been that high.

puff this if u say ur chilling when ur getting high

using my french fries as chop sticks for my other frenchfries. that high

puff for that one friend that always smokes you up

Hooked up with this girl for the first time cause we were high. Puff for natures aphrodisiac. That High

crush a bit, lil bit, roll it up, take a hit, feelin lit, feelin like 2 AM summer night

Above the Ignorance. Under the influence.

if 90% of communication is in body language and tone-not speech then it is possible to understand 90% of what your cat says to you when you're that high.

high sex, is the best sex. puff if you agree ;)

the idea that pot makes you lazy is a myth... you just realize that not many things are worth doing. that high

just dialed a phone number on my microwave.....that high

smoked a bowl for myself, played COD for an hour, got a severe case of munchies, and mixed myself a bowl of mac&cheese, mayo, mashed potatoes, lots of Parmesan cheese, and soy sauce... it was the best thing i've ever eaten... turns out i had a bite left that i forgot to eat on my dresser after i sobered up.... tasted like SHIT... puff this if everything tastes good when you're THAT HIGH

All trampoline accidents can be prevented with more trampolines

has always wonder how Catdog poops

Had a ten minute conversation with my two other pipes about how I still love them and how they will always be close to my heart but with the arrival of the new piece, they would be getting a little less attention for a while but to not worry because we're all family, each and every one of them was unique, and that I loved them all the same. That High.

puff if you thunk the person that made should make puff turn green when you hold shift thathigh

my good friend is getting deployed to afghanistan soon. and im balling my eyes out cos im that high. puff for everyone in afghanistan. thattt highh.

according to scociety smoking weed automatically makes you a loser, but does drawing a picture automatically make you an artist

Movie idea JUST came to me: Two friends, one just dumped by his girl, are at school and walk into a janitor's closet to smoke a joint. The janitor uknowingly locks them in. The next two hours of the movie is hilarious flashbacks and funny closet scenes. Name of movie: Hot Box. that high.

You know you're fucked up when you cant light the bowl anymore. We have all been That High

just figured out that giving yourself a high five is clapping... That High

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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