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i fucking hate dumb bitches who dont smoke and post that high posts to facebook to seem cool to their friends. can my fellow stoners do me a favor and puff this so they cant see it and stop.

What if in a different universe, there was a exact copy of you, but they were the complete opposite. So instead of you catching yourself right before you fall down the stairs, they actually fall down the stairs. man i dont even know where this is going.. that high

I realized, for the first time, that pipe cleaners are actually meant to clean pipes. That fucking high.

Try describing water. That High.

I wonder if when animals hear humans talk they just think we make weird senseless noises as we do to them.That High

There are little elves who steal all the lighters. That High.

My parents need to go to bed so I can FUCKING BLAZE.

Its a gateway my fridge.

You Know you are a stoner when the second you realize your going to be home alone the first thing that crosses your mind is 'time to blaze'

yo what time is it when i posted this

my little sister is sitting in front of our dog, looking into her eyes, yelling "do you understand me

I was having a reefer marathon out of my friends window and we were talking about driving i changed the subject for about 5 mins and after we could not remember for the life of us what we were talking about before it had disapeared from our memory we stood in silence for a good 15 minutes thinking untill my best friend shouted DRIVING! i had never been so happy in my life puff this if you've ever forgot what you were just talking about.

just blew on my ice cream because it was cold. that high

Took me a few minutes to figure out how in gods name my "House" was calling my cell. LOL Houses can't use phones. That high.

when me and a buddy were getting pulled over by a highway patrol, we thought if we pretended we were asleep when he walked up to the window, that he would leave us alone...that high

me and 2 friends went blunt cruising one day,and after buying 8 mcdoubles, we were pulled over..long story short he asked us each for one reason why he should let us go. i used the military, one friend used his job, and when the light shined on the third person, he rocked a bit, crying, and yelled " i just wanna eat my burgers maaannn..-sobs-"That high

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