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It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits. That High

is it me or or are your pockets a maze in hell when you're that high

what if the light we see at the end of the tunnel when we die, is really us just being pushed out of a vagina into our next life

That moment when everyone is asleep, and you stealth it into the kitchen while trying to make minimal noise, you end up making as much noise possible. That high.

i realized that if my son\daughter ever smokes pot and i find it they will walk in their room and see me sitting there smoking their pot,TH

Those moments when you think " Damn i wish i had some weed "

What if you're life right now was just a flashback and you are really in the middle of some near death experience

Puff if I should buy a Hedgehog or pass if I should buy an xbox...

stumble upon is the shit

just gave my cat my spaghetti sauce in a bowl for her.. her nose and mouth is now stained orange and shes a white cat. i cant look at her without laughing my ass off. that high

Thinking "fuck man, I do that shit sober" while reading most of these posts

Bought a Tamagotchi today, one of those keychain virtual pets. Spent all of my classes today feeding it, cleaning up its crap and playing with it. That high.

Last night my parents caught my friend and I smoking a blunt. All they did was take it and leave. When I woke up in the morning I expected to be fucked. Instead my mom walks in and says: "be safe just let us know when you're smoking from now on, and no driving!". I was speechless. Puff for my awesome parents! I'm so getting That High with my dad.

One question that will always stump a stoner: what were we just talking about

Decided to clean out my car & ended up finding a good amount of weed. I just made a gravity bong & smoked it, & now I'm that high. This is turning out to be a good day. Puff if you love unexpectedly finding weed.

garfield is such a stoner, the laziness,the low eyes, the never ending appetite for lasagna..that high

I go to an awful school where everybody picks on me because I am short for a high schooler. I smoke almost every day and then go to school, because it makes me feel a lot better. I have great friends, but they all go to other schools, and we don't get to see each other often. Yesterday, the dean noticed my red eyes. He then searched me with my P.E. teacher/basket ball coach. They found 5 grams, and a pipe, and threw it all away. Smoke a bowl for me, because I am in deep, DEEP shit. I really wish I could get That High.

There always that one kid in the stoner group that always is paranoid and ruins your high. Puff if you know what I mean

i go to a bitch ass private highschool that makes you sign something that says they can drug test you whenever theywant or else you can't go to the school. puff if you think that's totally fucked. still get...that high

I just smoke weed and nothing else. I have no desire to do anything harder just because weed is all I need. That high.

Click "puff" if you like "real food" (full meals) while your high like burgers or pizza. Click "pass" if you prefer to have snacks like chocolate, sour candy, or chips.

I was blazing in my room last night and got really paranoid that the cops were outside. So to cover up the smell of weed, I stripped down and covered my whole body in lotion and ran around my room hoping to absorb the smell. That High.

i feel like im friends with everyone that posts to this site...that high

This page updates every day. So be sure to check back!
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